Saturday Live Streaming

It has been exciting to see how many people are enjoying the Live Streaming! Thank you for letting us know where you are watching from! We had reports of people watching as far away as Thailand, Germany, & El Salvador. If you are enjoying the Live Stream, would you consider donating to help defray the cost of the groups that are here blessing you with their song? Click on the Donate button on the right of your screen & follow the prompts. Thank you for your support of this event! It is humbling & exciting to see God blessing this event as He has been!

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32 Responses to Saturday Live Streaming

  1. Tony Grove says:

    May God richly bless this year’s AGS. We are listening from Ontario and it sounds awesome.

  2. Lisa Yoder says:

    Enjoying the program from North Dakota.

  3. Raymond Shaum says:

    Orrville, Ohio enjoying it !!

  4. Riegsecker family says:

    Enjoying AGS from Arkansas!

  5. Marlin & Bertha Metzler says:

    Watching, listening & enjoying this inspirational singing from Atmore, Alabama

  6. Maynard and Ruth Miller. Canon City, CO says:

    Thanks nephew James for helping with the live streaming, and to our friends Ray and Bertha, Titus and Sharon and others…job well done!! Would love to be there,miss the great food and fellowship.God bless you!

  7. Barb Zimmerman n friends says:


  8. Elvin and Nancy Lapp says:

    watching and listening from Clayton DE.
    just lovin it all and be so blessed!! Crosswalk is one of our favorite, Justin is a wonderful son in law! šŸ™‚ also John Stoltzfus was a blessing!!

  9. C Miller says:

    Watching in Ohio. (So addictive- the cleaning is not getting done here!) Thanks for making the live stream available!

  10. Jared and Kourtni Miller says:

    We are enjoying the singing so much! We were especially touched by Naomi’s testimony last night. We never heard her story before. Blessings to her husband and their children. We have two little girls and a baby son also…Kourtni recently had a similar scare with fear of cancer. Praise The Lord the doctors said it was not cancer, but we could identify so well with what she had shared in the video from last year.
    We would be interested in CDs from that group if we could have some information how to purchase one. Also the ladies group from Goshen who shared this morning. I don’t remember their name, but it was something about Grace. And the young men from Holmes County, which is where Jared grew up. Thank you to all who put this together! And all who are putting in the extra effort to stream it so many others can enjoy it!
    God bless you!

    • Kristina Beachy says:

      Hi Jared and Kourtni!
      I am from “graceā€¢ful” — the ladies’ singing group from Goshen. If you would like to purchase a cd, you can send a us a check and your address and we will send you one! They cost $12 plus $2.50 for shipping.

      Send your check to:
      Rosi Yoder
      2355 N. 925 W.
      Shipshewana, IN 46565

      Kristina Beachy

  11. Ruth Nissley says:

    Really enjoying it again today from Oregon! Thanks for live streaming for those of us that can’t be there.

  12. Mark And Marsha Delagrange says:

    Listening and watching from New Haven IN

  13. Mary Freeman says:

    Listening from Auburn, Alabama. Enjoying it-thanks for providing this live!

  14. Derrick Sensenig says:

    I love it! listening from cutler, IN. Keep up the wonderful practice! God bless!

  15. Dawnita, Katrina, Kim, Chey, Charity says:

    We are enjoying the live stream from Ontario and wish we could be there. Sounds great.

  16. Naomi Yoder says:

    From NC…Beautiful!

  17. Dave Van Loo says:

    Enjoying all the music here in Paris TN with my wife Rosemary!!

  18. Paul and Naomi Zook says:

    Inspiring and beautiful! We enjoyed our time with you all….a job well done Ray,Bertha and all and we are traveling and still watching and enjoying the beauty of Gods message thru song. via hotspots gift with the computer.We have John and Anna Esh, Anna and Katie Stoltzfus with us. On our way to Fresh Start. God Bless!!!

  19. Darlene Miller says:

    Watching from Linn, MO! We were at the very first AGS (as Harmony 5), and have not made it back there since then. Thank you for doing the live stream, so we can get a glimpse from afar (good to see a few familiar faces!) Appreciate the emphasis on “This is not a competition”, Ray. Praying for safe travels for all the groups.

  20. Enjoying from WV! Wish I could be there. This is the second year in a row I’ve missed. Maybe next year I’ll be singing there. šŸ™‚

    Go GraceĀ·ful! You’re also my favorite*!

    *They would be just as cool even if Meghann Chupp wasn’t my sister.

  21. OK, maybe GraceĀ·Walk wasn’t so bad either.

  22. Tom and Bonnie Peachey says:

    Enjoying from SC.

  23. David Krabill says:

    Listening here in Oregon from Tom Troyer’s home area! Was glad to hear y’all, thanks for the live stream.


    David, Arlen & Sharon Krabill

  24. Jamie Rauch Miller says:

    Enjoying from Decatur City, Iowa!

  25. Trevor Nissley says:

    I really enjoyed the singing. Everyone did a good job.

  26. April swartz says:

    Traveling home from Georgia. Thanx for the live stream. Have enjoyed it. Thanx to all who have worked hard to put this event together .

  27. Anita Schrock says:

    Jordan and Kourtni,

    To purchase 3fold Chord CDs email Lavern at Victory Music Services as victory music service so, or call him at 443-480-1489. The newest CD has a few songs that Naomi wrote including a lullaby that she wrote and sang to her daughters when they were small. We treasure these moments that have been preserved.

    God bless,
    Anita for 3fold Chord

  28. Bertha Metzler says:

    Thanks for allowing us to listen to this inspiring gospel music this week
    I have listened to these two days of singing …….Sun, Mon & Tues of this week.

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