2015 Groups

Please check out the “Groups” tab to see who will be coming to the A Capella Gospel sing this year! We are looking forward to a weekend of worshiping Jesus with them & hope you will be joining us!

Also, in case you missed it, we are offering Reserved Seating this year! Tickets are $30 for Friday, $40 for Saturday, or $50 for both days! Reserve a seat while there are still some available!

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Reserved Seating

This year we are again offering Reserved Seating for the event! You can choose if you want to purchase Reserved Seating for just Friday, just Saturday, or you can buy a combo pack for both days! Reserved Seating comes with a program & 2 tickets that enter you for a chance to win a CD by one of the groups singing this year! You might wonder what the benefits are of a Reserved Seat–having a Reserved Seat ensures that your seat won’t be taken should you need to get up to get a bite to eat or use the restroom. Regular seating fills up quickly & is often quickly filled up when a person leaves the sanctuary area for any reason. Reserved Seating offers spacious room at your seat–you won’t be asked to scoot down or closer to the person you’re sitting next to make room for yet another person! Reserved Seating takes up the first 5 rows of benches so you will have a great view of the groups singing! The cost for Reserved Seating is $30 for Friday, $40 for Saturday, or $50 both days. To reserve your seat, you can send an email to jmnov22@gmail.com or you can call 574-538-8569.

In case you missed the previous posts, the A Capella Gospel Sing is on April 17-18 this year! As you think of the event, pray for the committee as they finalize details; pray for the groups that are singing this year–for safety in traveling, and that God would be glorified thru their songs!

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2015 AGS

The dates for this years A Capella Gospel Sing is April 17-18. It will be held at the same venue as in the past–Clinton Frame Mennonite Church. Thank you for your continued interest & prayers for the A Capella Gospel Sing. We hope to see you many of you there!

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Live Streaming for the 2014 A Capella Gospel Sing

The countdown is on! It’s the week of the A Capella Gospel Sing! We are excited about the event and how God will be honored and praised this weekend! Some thing that might be of interest to you if you are unable to attend the event this year is we are offering live streaming this year. There will be links up on our Facebook page (A Cappella Gospel Sing) and also here on this website. There will be a separate link for each day of streaming which means you won’t be able to use Friday’s link on Saturday for live viewing. You will need to check back on this website or on Facebook for a new link. These links will be available for you to watch the weekend event for 7 days.  Also, on the live streaming website there will be a “Donations” tab that will give you the opportunity to give to help support this event. The singing groups sacrifice a lot of time and money to come to this event. If you care to show your appreciation for their hard work, please click on the “Donations” tab and give as you feel led. If you have any questions, comments, or problems regarding the live streaming, please contact James at  james@jsquaredtechnologies.com

Thank you for your continued prayers and interest in the A Capella Gospel Sing! We look forward to seeing many of you this weekend!

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Schedule for 2014 AGS

The schedule for the 2014 AGS has now been updated. (see schedule page) We have some very special plans for each day of the event. You will want to come early and stay late to get in on the very best of what each group has to offer. There are plans in place now to live stream the whole event. Go to our facebook page for details and a link. We will also have the DVDs of the 2013 AGS available for purchase as well as CDs and DVDs from 2012 and 2011.

We appreciate the tremendous cooperation of the groups to keep this a non-competitive event. Our goal is not to determine which group or which singer may, or may not, be the best, but rather to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. As attendees, you can help us in that effort by being careful how you respond to any particular group, or individual, on stage. We acknowledge that there are some songs that evoke more response than others and that is ok. But in all of that we want the focus to be kept in proper perspective.

We look forward to meeting many of you in Goshen, IN for this event and we hope we can at least meet some of you and say “howdy.”

Please pray for all the groups as they prepare their songs and their hearts and pray for safe travelling for everyone during that weekend.

Ray Yutzy

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The winter seems to be lingering on here in central Pennsylvania. The snow is slowly disappearing and we have actually seen a few robins. Which is good evidence that Spring is coming soon. I have heard of 60 and 70 deg. temps in some Southern states already. But it also means that April 4 & 5 is coming up real fast, too. We are getting excited about 2014 AGS and all it will hold for us in the form of blessings, renewed acquaintances, making new friends, hearing new groups and just seeing what God has for everyone who comes, whether to listen or to participate in some form or other. The local committee is hard at work finalizing the details necessary for another successful A Cappella Gospel Sing. We hope your plans are made and that they include these two days in Goshen, IN at Clinton Frame Mennonite Church. Plans are in the works to live stream the event. Details will be on this page as soon as they become available. But keep in mind that the live stream is never as good as being there in person. Plus, you would miss out on some of the best food available that weekend anywhere and it will be there in the food court.

The Group list has been posted so make sure you check out that page and begin praying for each group that has committed to come.

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2014 A Cappella Gospel Sing

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the first round of invitations have gone out to groups for the 2014 AGS. We are not disclosing the list at this time until we have confirmations from the groups. Please help us by telling your friends, relatives and neighbors about the AGS. We are looking forward to seeing all of our dear friends that have been a part of a past AGS, whether as a participant or as a part of our great audiences. The 2013 AGS was very well attended again and had so many God moments throughout the 2 days of singing together and praying together. I continue to stand in awe of a Holy God who can orchestrate an event such as this entirely without our help. The immenseness of the planning and staging of the event is so overwhelming that all one can do is praise God for His faithfulness in providing wisdom and direction for every aspect of the 2 days. We are blessed with the dedication and assistance of many people, but my love and appreciation goes out to the local committee, and their spouses, in IN. for the many tireless and long hours lovingly invested in the success of the AGS. Please keep all of us in prayer as we negotiate our way through the selection process and the planning process for 2014. The dates are April 4 & 5.
Thank you so much for being a part of this blessed event whether through prayer, attendance, singing, serving food, ushering, manning the registration desk, controlling the sound, doing the videoing, taking pictures or serving on the various committees. God bless you so much for your dedication and willingness to serve. I know I failed to recognize the groups serving the wonderful food for 2013 AGS during the finale. I am sorry for the oversight but here it is now. Many thanks to the wonderful youth, sponsors and other helpers from the Woodlawn and Fairhaven churches for the tremendous job you do in decorating the place and the class you display in serving and preparing the food. You truly are the greatest. And to the youth group from Living Waters Church serving the desserts and coffee, you too, are a tremendous asset to the event. Keep up the great job you are doing. You are a class act in the way you serve and the layout of your area.
I know I run a risk of missing someone who really needed to be mentioned here by doing a list like this, so if I did miss you or your group, please forgive me and I will try and make it up to you sometime.
Please feel free to respond here if you have ideas, suggestions or questions concerning 2014 AGS. We value your input.
Ray Yutzy

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Singing Schedule

The current singing schedule is posted. Feel free to print out this schedule but keep in mind, it could change at any time or any day.

The plans for 2013 AGS are coming together very well and I am anticipating a tremendous time of beautiful singing and worship. I would ask everyone reading this to simply take a few minutes and intercede to God in prayer on behalf of all the groups for travel safety, for annointed singing, for the speakers at the Friday workshops, for the local committee, for the sound men and anyone else who has responsibilities at the event. We always say we want everything to bring honor and glory to our heavenly Father and we mean that. However, that puts a lot of responsibility on each one to have hearts that are prepared by confession, obedience and submission. Hearts that are clean and pure are vessels prepared for the Master’s use and will bring glory to Him. Join us as we pray and come together to enjoy what God has prepared for all of us whether as singers or as listeners.

Ray Yutzy

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2013 A Cappella Gospel Sing

It has been some time since my last post and know that you may have come here expecting to see something new in relation to the 2013 AGS. Things are moving along very well in the planning of another event. The groups have been selected and are on target to be there. There will be a good mix of past and new groups. It is hard to know exactly what the best way is to select groups for the next event when there are so many great ones out there and in the past 2 years, we have not had a single bad group and don’t expect to ever have. We have been so pleased with the quality and integrity of every group that have been at our first 2 AGSs. Not only have we had quality groups but we have had tremendous crowds at both events. The atmosphere created by the presence of the Holy Spirit and by the selection of songs and the presentation of those songs has provided for some very meaningful worship times. For that we are so grateful and our prayer is that we can continue to provide both the atmosphere and the songs that will enhance the worship experience of everyone present.

I will be posting the list of groups here so you can see who all is committed to coming to the 2013 AGS. The schedule is not quite ready to be posted at this time but keep watching for it.

The excitement is mounting, the youth groups that provide food and beverages are getting ready to provide you with some wonderful food and desserts. So plan to come for both days and enjoy fellowship with other believers as you enjoy some of the best singing this side of Heaven.

Dates are Friday April 5 & Saturday April 6. Times are: Fri. 3:45PM to 10:00 PM or somewhere there abouts. Sat. we begin at 10:00 AM and go until we are done or around 8:00 PM. You will want to plan to be there until the end on Saturday to hear the finale. We have something different planned for this year. That’s all you get for now. :D

Keep watching our Facebook page for other information and for quick updates.


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The 2012 A Cappella Gospel Sing

We are exactly four weeks away from the 2012 A Cappella Gospel Sing. What began sort of as an experiment in 2011 has developed into what we trust will be an annual event. At least until God leads in a different direction. For those of you that were at the AGS in 2011, we hope you will be back this year to worship with us. We hope you enjoyed it so much you will want to bring others with you this year. Many of you told us of your worship experience last year. Praise God who alone deserves praise and honor for last year’s successful AGS. It is not about those of us who do the planning and organizing, or the food service people, or the sound man, or the photographers, or the ushers, or the groups, or even our wonderful guests. It’s all about the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray with us that we can all focus on that truth this year.
For those of you who will be new guests this year, we trust the lineup of groups will bless and encourage each one as they stand between the audience and God and faithfully proclaim the good news of the gospel and how it relates to everyday life. I trust the different styles and types of groups will not be a distraction, but rather an enhancement to your worship experience. I have, for some reason, been under the impression for a long time that God probably originally intended for all singing groups to be male quartets. It has always seemed to be so natural. But, for whatever reason, He chose to also bless (maybe as an afterthought) many different combinations of singers such as ladies trios, families, mixed quartets and, larger than quartet, male groups. So we felt that since God is okay with them, we should be too. Hence the wonderful mix we have coming to this year’s AGS. In all honesty, I am very excited with the mix of groups we will be blessed with this year. So come with prayerful anticipation to see what God has in store for all of us.
As you may notice on the Schedule page, we have some TBA (to be announced) slots on Saturday. Part of the reason for them is that one of the groups cannot come because of health issues. Join us in praying for Sisters By Heart. One from their group is experiencing health challenges this year and is unable to come. We hope they will be able to join us next year. But stay tuned for something different in those slots. Who knows, we may do some congregational singing during one of those slots. Perhaps some of the groups will surprise us with something different. We shall see.
Food will again be available for purchase this year. Last year we had a wonderful menu of delicious food available. We are confident this year will be no different.
We will be conducting drawings again this year for CD giveaways. It’s always nice to get free music from the groups. Each group has the privilege to set up their product tables so you can purchase their recordings and whatever else they are marketing from their table.
So come to the 2012 AGS table of worship and feast on manna from God and from the food booths.
Ray Yutzy

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