Friday Night Live Stream


Here is the link for tonight’s Live Stream. Please note in the description below the Live Stream there is a link for you to be able to donate to help defray the costs of the groups that you are listening to.

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7 Responses to Friday Night Live Stream

  1. The Baritone says:

    Link isn’t working. Please fix?

  2. The Baritone says:

    Looks like it’s good now. Thanks!

  3. Nolan Miller says:

    Live stream not working on mobile?

    • Megan Yoder says:

      If you can’t connect with the link above, I’d recommend going on YouTube & searching A Capella Gospel Sing. Look for the option below the search results that specifies it is LIVE.

  4. Gloria says:

    I watched most of it last night(thanks!) but missed some at the beginning, so I was trying to get that, and it seems not all of it got on YouTube? It starts with the Neuenshwander (spelling is probably not right ) family, and I know there was a lot more before that.

    • Megan Yoder says:

      During the event, we only stream it live. After the event, watch for the links to watch the whole event!

  5. Gloria says:

    Sorry, wrote to soon. It is there now!

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