Saturday Live Stream Link

Here is the Live Stream link for today! Please consider helping defray the costs of the groups travel expenses by donating using the link under the Live Stream!



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16 Responses to Saturday Live Stream Link

  1. Betty Jane Yoder says:

    Is the link correct? I can’t bring it up; it says does not exist or is unavailable??

  2. Jonny Gingerich says:

    The link will not work for me. It says the address in invalid. Any Ideas?

    Thanks lots

  3. Wendell Glick says:

    Use the same link as Friday night:

  4. Janae mullet says:

    Cannot connect. Says no web page found.

  5. Janae says:

    Connected! Thanks!

  6. Charlene Gingerich says:

    Not working. Says it is unavailable.

  7. The Baritone says:

    Sounds pretty good here, but no 1080p resolution available today? I could get it yesterday.

    • Megan Yoder says:

      We’re streaming in 720p HD today. So if your video starts becoming fuzzy, it’s most´╗┐ likely your computer or phone automatically adjusting to your internet speed.

  8. Roger Martin says:

    Was at the AGS this past wknd!!! That was impressive, God bless all u talented singers!! Anyone who enjoys music and even those who don’t would need 2 agree that it was very encouraging 2 b there!

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